Tuesday, April 5, 2011

West Highland White Terrier

Most people know this dog as a Westie, and I know it as the Cesar dog. The other night, the Cesar dog food commercial came one the T.V. and my roommate and suitemate both just went crazy. My suitemate is a dog lover, and my roommate, though she's generally is a cat lover, just loves these little dogs.  She plans to have one one day and name it Oswald.  She probably loves it because it is so small, but let me tell you some more of its characteristics.

General Information:
  • Happy, curious, affectionate, and stubborn dog
  • Dislikes smaller dogs or other animals
  • Undocked tail
  • Double coat
  • Love to dig and bark
  • Height: 10-12 inches
  • Weight: 15-21 pounds
  •  Globoid cell Leukodystrophy, Legg- Perthes
  • Copper toxicosis,  cataracts, patellar luxation
  • Sometimes deafness
  • Skin problems
  • Life expectancy: 12-14 years
  • Coat combed two or three times a week
  • Shape the coat every three months
  • Bathe when necessary
  • Sheds little hair 
  • Okay for apartment life or for life with a large area to roam
  • However, if living in apartment, needs daily walk and area to play outside
Type of Owner:
  • Someone that can keep up with this dogs energy and put in the time to discipline 

Westies are the epitome of cuteness and are definitely in the running for my future pet. I just wish I had a choice of color other than white! I think this dog would definitely find a way to get dirty.

(Thanks to Dogs 101 and DogBreedInfo for their information!)


  1. Actually, I don't really like dogs (like your roommate, I'm a cat lover), but occasionally I'll see a dog like this that makes me think they're not so bad. Then they start barking and scare me away (laughs).