Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Be warned; I'm about to talk about another dog that I don't particularly love.  I just can't love its face as much as I do the bulldogs.  But I'm going to talk about it because, well one of my friends asked me to, and, I hate to admit it, I did fall for one of these. What dog am I talking about? The pug. Friday night I was at a friend's house, and this friend has a little dog named Skittles. Now Skittles is one crazy dog, kinda like Nub the Mountain Feist, but she sure did love being rubbed. I don't particularly love Pugs because they've never seemed that cute to me, but this little dog won me over. I didn't think about using it as one of my posts until a friend asked me to write about Pugs or Pomeranians. Well guess what? Skittles is a mix of those two breeds. I guess it was fate. So, I decided to write about Pugs.

(Not Skittles)

General Information:

  • "Smushed in face"
  • Have short noses 
  • Face wrinkles
  • Aims to please
  • Curly tail
  • Typically a lazy dog, but will become active if owner is
  • Playful and charming
  • Weight: 14 to 18 pounds
  • Height: 10-14 inches
  • May have trouble breathing, especially in warm weather
  • Eyes may pop out, especially if collar/ leash is too tight
  • Be careful not overfeed
  • Exercise every day, but don't let them overheat!
  • Life expectancy: 12-15 years

  • Minimal, but do shed some
  • Must clean wrinkles on face
  • Good for apartments because of its small size
Type of Owner:
  • Great for families
  • Get along with other pets and with visitors
Now after reading a little bit more about Pugs, watching a video, and meeting Skittles, I think I have to rethink my opinion about this dog.  They may not look the cutest in pictures, but their personalities more than make up for it.  But it scares me a little that its eyes may pop out!  That's something I'll have to consider...

(Thanks to Dogs101, AKC, and DogBreedInfo!)

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