Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sleepy Dog

If you go to my friends' page, you will see my friend Jarrett.  Jarrett writes a blog about crazy happenings all over the world and has found a video that I thought would be perfect for this blog.  I've already written about the English Bulldog, but clearly they like their naps!

Here's Jarrett's video, and what he has to say about it:

Since I had to do a guest post I decided to do something that goes with the topic of the blog. I found this video of a boy and his dog falling asleep together. This video made me die laughing, because I have done this myself, but not with my dog. The dog adds a special touch to the video, because I always thought dogs just pass out when they feel sleepy, but it's whatever; it's still hilarious and you will get a laugh every time you watch it.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chow Chow

This past week, my boyfriend and I were making our weekly round in Petsmart when we saw a lady with this cute fluffy dog.  I'm not sure if it was purebred or not, but this dog definitely had some Chow Chow in him.  He was so cute!  I knew I couldn't leave him out of my blog.  So let's find out about this adorable dog.

(Thanks AcoBox for the pic)

General Information:
  • Only dog born with 44 teeth
  • Known to be aggressive/dangerous
  • But after training this dog, it's a great addition
  • Has a blue-black tongue
  • Straight hind legs
  • Double coated, rough or smooth
  • Loyal
  • Height: 17-20 inches
  • Weight: 45-70 pounds
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Entropion
  • Often snore
  • Life expectancy: About 15 years
  • Seasonal, heavy shedders
  • Need to constantly brush
  • Okay for apartment life with daily exercise
  • Cranky without exercise
  • Need to be kept in cool places
Type of Owner:
  • Good for adults after training, but not a great family pet
  • Needs to socialize with other people and pets so as not to be too protective

So it seems that while this dog is incredibly cute, they aren't necessarily the best choice for me.  I do plan to have a family someday, and I can't have an aggressive dog in the house that may harm my kids.  However, I will definitely pet any dog that was as happy as the little Chow I met at PetSmart.  I'll just have to appreciate these doggies whenever I happen to come across them.

(Thanks to Dogs101, DogBreedInfo, and American Kennel Club for their info!)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mountain Feist

My boyfriend's cousin has a Mountain Feist.  For those of you who have no idea what kind of dog this is, I didn't either before I met Nub.  Nub is one insane dog.  He gets so excited when people come to visit, and because he's such a small dog, he's bouncing off of everything.  When the dog jumps, he's seriously jumping to about the height of my upper arm.  When I sit down, he jumps on the couch, and runs back and forth from person to person.  And then he runs back and forth over all of the people sitting on the couch.  When I was there to see the puppy of a different dog they got, he was running across my lap to get to the puppy.  At one point, as I was leaning back, he ran across my chest.  I'm just glad it wasn't my face.  Now, I'm going to find out if all Mountain Feists have this much energy.  If they do, you certainly need to have a patient, loving, and energetic family for this little dog!

General Information
  • Great squirrel hunter
  • Also good for hunting raccoon and opossum
  • Strong hind legs
  • Docked tail
  • Very energetic
  • Love to play
  • Protective
  • Curious
  • Short coat
  • Height: 10-22 inches
  • Weight: 10-30 pounds
  • No major health problems to be noted
  • Needs lots of exercise, either a long walk or jog everyday
  • Recommended that the dog be given a large area to play 
  • Only requires an occasional brushing to get rid of stray hairs
  • Okay indoors
  • But best to give this dog some room to play 
Type of Owner
  • Firm but gentle, and these dogs are easy to train, even with all of their energy
  • Good for energetic families
  • When it's time to sleep, is a total lap dog
Now, just to prove how much of a handful these dogs can be, here's a picture of Nub chewing on a new toy...

So if you're looking for a small, energetic dog, Nub is for you. But I think he's just a little too excitable for my taste. Not to mention he peed on my pants one time I came over...

(Thanks to DogBreedInfo, GreatDogSite, and Wikipedia for their info!)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

English Bulldogs

So, we've made it to the point where I've run out of dogs that I personally know. However, there is a dog that I just find completely adorable. Every time I see one, I just have to exclaim, "Awww!." They just have a goofy look about them that makes them all the more endearing. This is the dog that I would really like to get, but the question is, will it be the perfect dog for me?

General Information:
  • Protective, Affectionate, Gentle, Determined
  • Related to French Bulldog
  • Have an underbite
  • Short coat
  • Energetic when puppies
  • Height: 12-15 inches
  • Weight: 52-55 pounds
  • Prone to breathing problems 
  • Sensitive to heat and cold
  • Skin infections
  • Hip and knee problems 
  • Easily overheat
  • Drools
  • Brush with brittle brush or rough cloth
  • Wipe with cloth between wrinkles
  • Average shedder
  • Good for apartments
  • Better indoors because of sensitivity to weather
Type of Owner:
  • Great with kids
  • Need pack leader or can become too defensive and stubborn 
Maybe now you can see why I love Bulldogs so much.  I''m not an outdoors person, so this dog actually fits in with my lifestyle.  And I really would like an indoor dog, so keeping it inside with me is not a problem.  They're just so cute, even if they are stubborn.  Maybe they're like having another child!  So perhaps this dog would be a great fit for couples wanting to practice being parents.  Bulldogs may be considered lazy by some standards, but they definitely have the looks and affection to make up for any of their faults.

(Thanks to Dog Breed Info, AKC, and other sites for their help!)