These are some friends from my blogging class.  They've started some great blogs and know what people want to read.  They definitely get my attention.  So check them out!

Here's my friend, Jarrett.  He has a cool blog where he finds the videos of people doing dumb things, making fools of themselves.  I recommend you check it out for a good laugh!
Crazy Can't Describe This

I also have a friend named Erin that is discovering the ins and outs of becoming a girly girl.  She never took the time to really learn how to do her make-up and hair to optimize her good looks, so she's using this blog to learn how to do it, and sharing with others.  Check it out for some cool make-up, hair, and nail tips!
Becoming a Girly Girl

Now for someone that has a good eye for photography, you should check out Melanie's blog.  She takes great pictures and finds gorgeous locations.  And along the way, you'll learn a little about photography and the pros and cons of different cameras!
Photo Venue