Tuesday, April 26, 2011


So since my friend asked me write about either Pugs or Pomeranians, and I''ve already written about Pugs, I thought I would write about Pomeranians. I've known only one Pomeranian in my life, and she hasn't left the best impression of them on me.  Her name is Patty, and she is my aunt and uncle's dog.  Patty is a yipper.  She doesn't bark; she yips.  And it can completely drive me crazy when I go to visit my aunt and uncle.  She's also a little standoffish until you've been there awhile and she really knows you, so playing with her is hard.  And that's what I want from a dog!  One that will let me pet it and hold onto it.  Perhaps she's the reason I don't hold a special place in my heart for Pomeranians.  But, let's look more into them.

Patty on Christmas 2009
General Information:
  • Survived the Titantic
  • Small, yappy, and energetic (definitely Patty)
  • Independent and Inquisitive
  • Short, triangular ears
  • Athletic dog
  • Can bark excessively
  • Great lap dog
  • Stubborn
  • Average Height: 7-11 inches
  • Average Weight: 4-6 pounds
  • Even though it's small, it still needs exercise!
  • Prone to early tooth loss (Feed dry food)
  • Slipping knee caps
  • Heart problems
  • Average Life Expectancy: 12-15 years
  •  Double coated fur
  • Heavy, constant shedders, so must brush daily
  • Must trim nails, check ears, and go to groomer every 4-6 weeks
  • Can live about anywhere with exercise
Type of Owner:
  • Great for most, but not for families with young kids because of how small they are
  • Train early and consistently
Well it seems that I judged Patty prematurely.  She was never taught not to bark, so she does it constantly.  And perhaps she only seems stand-offish because she is so hyper and ready to play.  I may be a little more willing to play with Pomeranians now, but if they haven't been trained not to bark so much, I hold the right to stay away!

(Not Patty)

(Thanks to Dogs101 and DogBreedInfo!)

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