Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yorkshire Terriers

Over Thanksgiving this past year, my aunt and uncle purchased a new puppy for my ten and twelve-year old cousins. Their dog, Jojo, a two-year old Yorkshire Terrier, had been hit by a car a couple of months earlier. They'd only had him since Christmas. My cousins, not to mention my aunt, were devastated, and wanted another little dog around the house. Of course they loved Yorkies, and since my aunt and uncle's oldest son, a sixteen-year old, has had problems with dog allergies in the past, a Yorkie was a best choice. So, they bought this new little puppy, which they named Bear, and he is the cutest, most energetic little puppy you could imagine.

In honor of Bear, and Jojo, I thought I would give you guys some information on Yorkies.

General Information:
  •  Adventuresome, Energetic, Very Loyal, Clever
  •  Small dog
  •  6-7 inches tall
  • Weigh about 7 pounds full grown
  •  Docked tail
  •  Glossy, silky, long-haired coat
  • Protective of their family
  •  Life Expectancy: 12-15 years
  •  Possibilities of:
  •  Bronchitis
  •  Eye infections
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Tracheal collapse (Use harness leash to help prevent this)
  • Take the dog on daily walks, but play is a better way of exercising this little dog
  • Daily Brushing
  • Monthly bath
  • Little to No shedding
  • Regular grooming for short coat
  • Long coat requires high maintenance (Wrapping coat in tissue paper with oil)
  • These little dogs are best indoors
  • Can be helpful for people with allergies, since it does not shed much, but allergies come from dander and saliva of dogs. Depends on person and dog for allergies to flare.
Type of Owner:
  • Strong leader
  • May be aggressive with strangers and other animals if not properly trained
  • Good for families as long as the dog is not allowed to take over

Yorkies are perfect pets for people searching for an indoor pet that doesn't shed or take up much space. With that said, the dog can also take over. Make sure to train it well and establish yourself as the leader. Yorkies will be the most lovable and fitting dog for families in apartments, or for a family wishing for an indoor dog, but be sure to train it well!

(Thanks to Wikipedia and Dog Breed Info Center for their help!)