Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to my journey!  I'm looking for a dog that my boyfriend and I can adopt one day, and I hope to help you find your own dog along the way.

I'm living on campus at my college, and my dog, Cady, is at home with my family.  I only get to see her a few times a month when I go home, and so I thought I would write this post in honor of her.  I bought Cady on the side of the road when she was 8 weeks old.  A lady was giving away these puppies that had their shots, and only asked for donations for her expenses.  My dad bought Cady for me for $20.  She was the runt of the bunch, and of course a mutt.  But she is the happiest and most lovable dog I could ask for.

I'm not sure what breeds Cady has mixed in, but her body structure and coloring has always seemed to me to be like a Pit Bull Terrier.

Here is some General Information about the Pit Bull Terrier: 
  • Loving, Protective, Intelligent, Eager to Please
  • Needs a Strong Caretaker (one willing to train) 
  • Medium-sized dog
  • Short, shiny coat
  • Cropped ears 
  • 18-22 inches tall at the shoulders
  • Average of 30-60 lbs.
  • Life expectancy: About 12 years 
  • May be prone to hip dysplasia, hereditary cataracts, allergies to grass, and congenital heart disease 
  • Daily exercise, long daily walks
  • Bathe as needed 
  • Brush regularly with dense bristle brush
  • Apply chamois to make coat shine 
  • Average shedder
  • Apartments are okay with daily exercise 
  • Better for dog to be in an active environment
Type of Owner: 
  • Multiple dogs may be an issue if other dogs are small (can be seen as prey) 
  • Good for children

So, while Pit Bull Terriers have a bad representation as being an aggressive dog, all the sites I’ve seen have described this dog as a loving and loyal animal.  If trained well by a strong leader, a pit bull terrier is as obedient and affectionate as any other breed.

(Thanks to Wikipedia, Dog Breed Info Center, and Bulldogbreeds for their information!)


  1. I like the overall information about the Pit bull Terrier and was wondering if you have any special information about about a person wanting to own a regular pit bull and if there are any tips on how to take care of a dominant animal like that?

  2. Jarrett,

    For any dog there's always a chance for complications or aggressive behavior, but on one website I found, they recommend some tips for being a responsible pit bull owner. Here's a few that I thought might be relevant for you:

    1) Always supervise their play
    2) Socialize with care (Be on the lookout for aggressive behavior with other dogs)
    3) Make sure that wherever you confine them, it is secure. Pit bulls are intelligent dogs and can find ways out of fences and barricades.

    In reference to your question about a regular pit bull, the pit bull terrier actually is the regular pit bull. "Pit bull" is just a term to encompass different terrier breeds with similar characteristics.

  3. Please do a little hypo allergenic puppy :)
    I want one so bad!!!

  4. Great information on the Pit Bull Terrier! I enjoyed the list of information on the breed; it was definitely easy to read. I did not realize that this breed of dog even existed. I look forward to future posts from Whitney's Adventures in Dogland!

  5. I love the idea for your blog cause I am a huge dog lover!! I especially liked this post on Pit Bulls because I am a Pit owner and have realized all the harsh misconceptions people have about them! Thank you for showing the true good side of their story!! :]